How do you start your Monday mornings?

Amara Pope
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To have a productive workday and workweek, Monday mornings are an important ritual! How do you start yours?


Amara Pope
I usually begin my Monday mornings with a workout, followed by a big breakfast as I review my upcoming meetings for the week, and catch up on any missed emails from the previous week/ weekend.
Kanan Tandi
Amara, I don't have a specific "monday" routine, as I work on weekends as well. So, everyday, I begin my day with listening to instrumentals and then one podcast episode on how to grow spiritually and another episode on growing my start up. Take my dog out for a walk. Do the household chores, cook breakfast and eat(without my phone). And then Start working.
Amara Pope
@kanan_tandi I love it! opening up your mind and body before working :) and eating without technology is a skill many have not developed nor practice
Stefan Manku
I tend to make a note of what I completed last week and also note my plans for this week. I find it helpful as: a) it's easy to forget what you've achieved over a period of months/years b) I can compare what I intended to do vs what I actually did and try to figure if there are any problems with what I'm prioritising
Amara Pope
@stefanmanku This is a great idea! I try to recount the items at hand but addressing why goals were not achieved from the previous week is something I have not thought about before. I can see the value in this by helping me to recognize how I approach my work, and change it to be more efficient!
Stefan Manku
@amara_pope It's too easy to just keep moving forward without stopping and taking a moment to look back!
Stephane Ibos
I read the news. A thorough reading of various outlets (general, economy-focused and tech) to see what's going on in the World that could: influence and/or impact and/or fuel and/or help with what we are doing. Then quick priorities review. Then onto doing some proper work. I love Mondays. So exciting!
Amara Pope
@stephane_ibos I find that the news is important no matter what line of work you are in, to inform your day... what is it that you use the news for in your role?
Stephane Ibos
@amara_pope As a CEO it's important to ensure that I - and as a result our teams - do not lock ourselves in our perfect little bubble. We live in a fast-moving world, no matter our trade and what was true yesterday might not be today anymore. As a result, I consider it of prime importance to keep a thorough watch on what's going on, in our close market, but more broadly. Plenty of risks, opportunities and ideas to discover in the news. The key is to consume news from "proper", documented sources of course. I totally recommend the Wall Street Journal for instance - among others.
Amara Pope
@stephane_ibos I completely agree and in content creation, recent news can be a jumping post for blog posts, social media posts, discussions, and more!
Hugh Geiger
Pretty similar to Saturday, Wednesday or... any day. "Why we sleep" book took a lot of the dynamism out of my sleeping, which normalized the routine. I try to stay very consistent with sleep and routine, so I can focus on more important things.
Amara Pope
@geigster sleep is an underrated tool to increase anybody's productivity! I highly agree that is is important in facilitating everyday activities
I start every morning the same way: Wim Hof breathing (4 rounds) and a plank. After that it varies from day to day, usually some exercise and then work.
Amara Pope
@michalmalewicz how long do you plank for? ;)
Bruno Domingues
Light breakfast & feed the kitty, light workout, quick answer emails/msgs and do quick routine admin tasks, then dive into 1st main task of the day. I have calls/meetings starting only in the afternoon so I can be productive during the first 5 hours of my day.
Amara Pope
@bruno_domingues I like the idea of pushing meetings to the afternoon. I find it hard to jump between meetings and tasks at hand - I often have to reorient myself following meetings that may interrupt my workflow.
Allyson Carter
1 hour morning workout and coffee, that makes a perfect week start for me
Amara Pope
@allyson_carter i love starting my days with a workout. I always feel more energized and find that I fall asleep better in the evenings!
morning workout and tea & breakfast, that makes a perfect week start for me
Asad Ali
A big cup of coffee! 😂
Katie Banaszak
@amara_pope great question! I always start with a little bit of yoga, then I'll sit down with a chai latte and set my intentions for the week. And then right into emails!
Martin Delobbe
10 minutes meditating, one glass of juice and work 😁
Süheyla Şeker
Morning workout, tea, breakfast& music
Markus Jenul
I usually start with music, short workout, good breakfast and to write my goals for the day down
Jaskiran Kaur
I start my day with Brushing my teeth first then drinking Hot water , collecting clothes which I will wear that day , bathing then eating breakfast and then going to office.