Startup slack channels to join?

Pavel Gvay
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Hi PH! What are your favorite Slack channels about startups/side projects/indie hackers? I'm looking for vibrant startup communities to join. I can recommend GenZ VCs Slack:


I'd recommend the Wannabe Entrepreneur - run by @tiagorbf You might also want to checkout the product that @thefedoration has just released which has a bunch of communities:
@tiagorbf @maxwellcdavis Thanks for the shoutout Maxwell! Pavel, I'm sure you'll find some good slack communities to join on the Hive Index :)
@thefedoration you should definitely join us. here is the link:
Waqar Wasti
1. InnovatorsRoom 2. 500vc 3. SaaStock 4. SaaS founders by UserActive I recently made a list of them (GenZ VC's on there) list ->