Is it appropriate to use memes on a SaaS landing page?

Pavel Gvay
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Mohsen Kamrani
I wouldn't do it unless it makes a lot of sense.
Pavel Gvay
@m_kamrani Why? Just curious, what are the possible consequences? The only thing that comes to my mind is that there might be some copyright issues. And, of course, it might detract users = lower conversion rate. I just stumbled upon some corporate Twitter accounts posting only memes and thought: Why startups don't use memes on their websites
Mohsen Kamrani
@pavelgvay It's not about the legal consequences. IMO it just looks cheap and too casual. Unless it's a social platform or something causal, I don't think you want to give your users the impression that things are not serious. That's just my POV.
If it fits in with the brand why not? I could see it working for a fun a quirky brand, and I've not seen it before - but I'd go with a really good one though!
Pavel Gvay
@maxwellcdavis I personally love these kinds of brands. But I'm not sure if it will resonate with my customers. I guess, as @bogomep said below, the only way to find this out is to do some kind of A/B testing. And yes, the meme should be really good, haha
@bogomep @pavelgvay Of course it's got to fit with your brand vision and values - and I may now actually pinch this idea because we want ours to be fun, hope you don't mind :)
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
It depends who your persona is, but I'll say A/B test it an see it for yourself.
Sanveer Singh Osahan
Memes are always appreciated if they are creative, funny and in context to your brand persona. If done rightly, it'll attract a lot of new gen users. I'd say go with it.
Thomas Shelby
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