How do you know if an investor is a good fit for your startup?

Pavel Gvay
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Hi all, I’m building a platform that finds investors for startups and I want to understand how to prioritize investors in the search results. We currently sort investors based on these parameters: 1/ % of portfolio companies in your industries. 2/ % of portfolio companies in your stage. 3/ % of portfolio companies in your industries. 4/ The number of deals in the past 180 days. I also have a hypothesis that truly relevant investors need to have at least one similar company in their portfolio. We launched a side project on PH today to validate it. What do you pay attention to when finding investors? Do things like check size matter? Thanks in advance!


Samir Moussa
Network. The investor network is incredibly valuable. We are a Y Combinator startup and having access to other companies means better deals on their products and massive support on everything related to your business. Good luck with the launch!
Nicole Ogloza
I wouldn't even try to look at it from a money standpoint when you have an investor 'fit' for your company. You need to know about their backgrounds in-depth, and the VALUE that they can bring from their network, advice and mentorship. If you mismatch there, you will have a lot more to worry about than what their investment preferences are.