How to get warm intros to investors (tested on 10+ startups)

Pavel Gvay
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Everyone: "Warm intro is the best way to get a meeting with any investor on the planet". Me at my previous startup: *asking for intros for 3 weeks and getting 0 meetings* Fast forward to today, I interviewed 100+ founders about fundraising and helped 10+ startups with their rounds. I decided to share my thoughts on getting warm intros and wrote a post: TL;DR: 1/ Who to ask for intros: portfolio founders -> your investors and advisors -> people you know -> everyone else. 2/ Do not take meetings from these guys: a) portfolio founders that closed their startups b) investors that passed on you. 3/ Always ask for intros (e.g. "Can you introduce me to X?"), never ask for recommendations (e.g., "Do you know any relevant investors for my startup?") 4/ Tell your referrers why you think the investor is great for you. They need a reason to make the intro. 5/ Always send your referrers a forwardable email. It's 0 work for them to make the intro. 6/ Things to include in your forwardable email: blurb (what are you building, who are your customers, traction, team, fundraising progress); why you think the investor is a great fit for you; ask for 15 min meeting. 7/ Create FOMO in investor follow-ups. Do not send messages like: "Did you get my last email?". Instead send: "We found a lead... Our revenue grew by 30% since our last call...Did you get a chance to discuss our company with other partners? What are the next steps?" Bonus: best strategies to grow your network. 1/ Use networking platforms that match you with other founders. 2/ Reach out to founders in your niche for advice. Check out my full post for email templates: How do you get warm intros to investors? Maybe I missed something?
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