Spent 18 months building a modern No-code Chatbot platform for GTM teams

Santhosh Kumar Elango
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Hey all, my name is Santhosh, and I am the Co-founder of Jikoo. For the last 18 months, I have been working to build a modern No-code Chatbot and Livechat platform with ticketing capabilities. The backstory: I was leading the GTM of Zoho for the UK/European market back in 2020. When Covid struck we went to work from home, that's when the real challenge began. There were a lot of chats coming in from customers as a lot of people were working from home and incoming calls almost dropped to zero. Sometimes we were handling 10-15 chats parallelly, chats were getting missed frequently. I was not able to transfer queries to sales/product teams as the chat product didn't allow us to do so. No proper ticketing and issue/query tagging were available within the live chat software which even slowed down the process, couldn't really understand why customers were coming. When we tried to implement a chatbot it took a lot of learning and time to actually go live. So I finally decided this is the problem I should be solving which can make a real difference for the new-age companies and quit my job last year. In a startup, be it the Head of Marketing or Product should always be in sync with customer queries. So how do you create a product which can bring all the teams together in a single window without a lot of effort? I was a huge fan of service now - almost anything can be templated and workflows can be created to streamline processes. So taking inspiration from Service now, I have created a next-gen Chatbot & Live chat software with rich ticketing capabilities. Gone are the times where you will have to worry about missing important customer chats. Enough of the story, so let's see how we really make a difference: Scenario 1: If a customer comes to report a bug - You can talk to him using the chatbot and gather all the information. Create a ticket automatically and tag it to the developer in charge, later the developer can push the issue to JIRA in seconds. Scenario 2: If a new lead comes in, you can qualify them using the chatbot. Based on the responses you can either provide a self-service or tag someone from the sales team. The beauty here is our powerful tags can help you tag the query - Eg: Customer type | New lead, Location | New York, Deal Type | Enterprise. Makes life easy for your GTM teams to focus on stuff that matters. Once the lead is converted you can create a new ticket from the existing chat and assign it to your onboarding or operations team. So the entire cycle of customer management becomes absolutely easy. The quickest way to get a feeling of how Jikoo works is by checking out our page: https://jikoo.io/ With this version, I feel that I am very close to my vision for what Jikoo MVP should be. In other words; it is finally ready for public consumption. I'd wholeheartedly advice you to look into it and give it a whirl if you are interested in no-code and cx :) Hope you like it, and please share any feedback you might have in the comments!


Andrew Dodds
Andrew Dodds
Launching soon!
Looks really cool great work!