Imagine if Intercom and Hotjar had a brilliant kid -

Santhosh Kumar Elango
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Google Analytics tells you what users are doing, but it doesn't tell you why they are doing it. We know many startups founders after launching v1 of their website struggle a lot to see what the real problem is. I went in search of a tool to solve this and came across Hotjar, Fullstory, and VWO - but these are mere recording and heatmap tools, that's all they do. Can a tool alert me when a new person visits my site? Can it show me live what the person is doing on my website? Can I send immediate automated messages to the person when he is on my pricing page? Can I manually trigger pricing/feature feedback from new users when they are on a specific page doing a specific action? The answer was a NO. So I built - Looking forward to hearing your feedback!
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