How I grew from 0 to 10k organic visits to my SaaS website in 3 months

Santhosh Kumar Elango
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I've been growing organic visits to my SaaS website for the past 3 months & recently we reached 10k unique visits with $0 spent on marketing Here is a list of strategies that you can use. Growth hacking is dead, stop spending on Ads 1/ Comparison Pages Make an entirely open and frank comparison of your product against your competitors. Polish your post/page SEO; Start the engine of your content car by sharing it on social media, writing guest posts, featured articles, etc. 2/ Embeds and badges Embeds and badges are among your best bets for going viral. Think about where to put the badge. Don’t slap your logo and a “Powered By” tagline on any random item that you can get populated on other sites. It needs to make sense; Test various forms of it. 3/ Get Listed on ProductHunt Find a top hunter who will submit your post. Like Eric Willis or Kevin William David. You can make it yourself too if you are a maker; Many claim the best time to go live is on Tuesday, 2 am CST. A good chance to get more attention during the week, but at the same time, there is a higher competition; Make sure to provide a swift response on D-day; 4/ Integrations Building integrations between your product and others to complement them is a fantastic way to obtain new leads and grow. Check if those products have a dedicated page to feature you. How crowded are those pages? Popularity comes first; Prepare landing page featuring integration. This page is splendid for your SEO, plus it makes sense to use this page as a backlink from the integration one; 5/ Free Account for Bloggers Popular bloggers can be just as influential as PR agencies. Reach out to the top-notch bloggers and offer them a free account in exchange for a review. Make a list of the most relevant and popular blogs and contact them with an offer 6/ Influencer Marketing Go through YouTube and search for popular channels/influencers in your industry. Offer them a free account or any other attractive deal for shooting a video. Contact a channel owner. Try to reach out to many experts, be ready that some might even not respond to you at all; Schedule a demo with those who are interested. This could help them learn your product faster, and you could highlight core advantages of your product; Offer them a free account and a personalized discount for their audience; 7/ Marketing Side Project Give something valuable away. Some of those who like what you create on the side end up willing to learn more about your core business. The ROI of some side projects might blow your mind away. Try to create something that actually solves a real problem. Eg: MRR & Churn calculator for SaaS Startups Launch on ProductHunt or Hacker News; Thanks for stopping by and reading this thread. What other tools would you add for free hosting and building? I hope you have enjoyed reading this and got some more insights about them.


Namrata Arya
This is really helpful! Thanks for sharing
Fabian Maume
Be active on Quora. (I might be biased as I'm working on some tool for Quora: :) Github can also we used. Leverage repo like