Building a No-code Chatbot + CRM for Notion pages (Need suggestions)

Santhosh Kumar Elango
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We all love Notion. We have our Hiring page, Help guides, Product Roadmaps all designed using Notion. Why not go a step further and add a chatbot to these pages? For HR teams: - Add chatbots to your hiring page and qualify applicants, collect their resumes. Save all the applicant information to the built-in CRM. For CS teams: - Add a CS chatbot to your help page and understand which queries are being checked more. Answer repetitive queries and save more than 80% of your time. Tickets are automatically created when a chat session starts. - Inbuilt SLA's will help you make sure you are attending to all the queries and alert you upon escalation. For Product teams: - Create a chatbot to suggest a feature request, vote for a feature, and subscribe to your product updates. - Features/bugs will be created as tickets automatically and can be assigned to the engineering team using team collaboration. For Sales teams: - Add chatbots to your sales pages and qualify prospects, collect their contact details. Save all the prospect information to the built-in CRM and understand who to reach out to today. Would love to hear what you think 🙏


Santhosh Kumar Elango
I did come across Joonbot, but one of the problem here it the chatbot is not designed as a widget, its directly embedded to the page. Doesn't look professional. Looking to build something which is like a chat icon on your notion page.