Should we advertise our PH launch with ppc campaigns?

Alessandro Pavan
9 replies
Hello, community! I need a tip here... At V7 we are planning our first launch on PH, and the amount of helpful information and recommendations is incredible! I recently came across content that recommended also doing some digital campaigns creating custom audiences from Twitter. What is your take on that? Should we spend time on campaigns or just focus on community engagement and Ship? or do both? ;) Thank you :)


Bogomil Shopov - Бого
Better focus on the good sign-up rate or conversion rate on your landing page if you ask me.
Nader Rehaan M
We haven't tried PPC for PH launches yet - but community engagement seems to work great here!
Michael Kilcullen
Love the interest in maximizing launch and eyeballs. Personally I think targeting your ICP via Twitter and driving to your Ship page could be worth testing (even against a small budget like $100). Would love to hear your results if you choose to test out and am going to follow along!
Atul Ghorpade
2nd option is awesome. But, it's something new. You should try it for sure. :)
Alessandro Pavan
@atulghorpade Yeah, right? We might actually try it with small budgets
Rob Warner (PPC Ad Lab)
I would certainly use Google Ads retargeting for anyone who visits your landing page from PH. You'll get value from the PH launch potentially for months and sign-up users relatively cheaply.