Productive break

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Hey, everyone! Hope you have a great start of the week! Everyone knows that it is necessary to recharge your batteries to stay productive throughout a day. Personally, I find it helpful to do a breathing exercise or a quick workout in the middle of the working day. What are your ways to have a productive break? Let's share our experience and help each other!


Martina Hackbartt
Hi Daria! I usually find it useful to take a shower in the middle of the day, and I also take some short coffee breaks in which I try not to use any electronic devices. I'd love to add some stretching exercises or short walks to my breaks (since I spend so much time sitting down) but I usually don't make myself the time for that
Gabriel Bujold
Reader a chapter from a book usually help me and it's a break from electronic too
I second the quick workout concept! For me just going on a walk and listening to some music / podcast / audiobook while I'm at it helps to boost the energy and provide a short mental recharge as well.
Donia Ahmed
having a little walk or cup of coffee usually helps me
Alina Ihnatiuk
For me, the best rest and reboot is to spend time for pleasure (film, online game, reading)
Ira GI
Walk in the fresh air (I live near the ocean)
Sebastian Britz
I find it relaxing when I just take my dog out for a walk and take the time to reflect on myself during that time.
Iris Park
I got lazy these days, but I usually do yoga and exercise as regularly as possible. I think exercise helps most in staying productive and having routines. It also feels great when I go to a nice park or cafe.
Jack Zappa
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