How do you manage anxiety?

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Greetings, hunters! Nowadays fast pace of life sometimes makes people feel anxious. Necessity to multitask, to meet all the deadlines, to combine work with studies or other stressors lead feeling tense or thinking negative. It is reaaly interesting to know what are your own ways to get rid of anxiety. How do you manage it?


David J. Kim
Asides from meditation/nature walks, I haven't found a "cure all" solution short term. Long term? You will adapt.
Solomon Bush
Don't run from anxiety. Now days, everyone talks about it like its a curse or disease. In some instances that's very much the case, but for most of us, anxiety is a completely healthy normal thing to have. Instead of trying to stop it, just embrace it and understand that it's okay to be anxious.
Mahak from Outgrow
It's a bit hard to tackle daily anxiety especially when it hinders your work-life balance. Whenever I feel anxiety, I literally stop doing everything and take some breaths, listen to music, take a walk or do some sketching. Though they are all temporary means but yet they give me the sense to live in present and not dwell on the past or future.