🔮 Predictions! Breakout startups of 2022?

Sarah Wright
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Obvi a TON of interesting new tech in the web3 space — thirdweb had an amazing launch. I've also been impressed with the expertise behind new search engines, like You.com and neeva but I think it might take a while for subscription search engines to catch on. Thoughts on who is going to the moon in 2022?


I expect web3 space to keep attracting new users and analytics tools like Nansen, Dune Analytics, DAOList can be extremely useful to find signals in the noise. Remote work is here to stay. Companies now have to compete not only with the local companies but also international companies to retain and/or attract new talent. Employee engagement, rewards, and perk management platforms like Advantage Club can break out. Deel 2.0 has already done that 🚀
Andrii Kpyto
I believe in Sembly Personal — AI assistant for meetings, suit for hybrid and remote work as well 🚀