Deel 2.0

Payroll for remote teams

Deel is the payroll platform for remote teams that connects localized compliance and payments in one system of record. Helping businesses hire anyone anywhere, either as independent contractors or full-time employees.
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Thanks @benln for hunting us ♥️ Hey everyone, I am happy to announce a full revamp of Deel. Over the last year, thanks to our amazing users, we improved the product and added tons of new features. We also recently announced our Series A round and figured today was a great time to relaunch on Product hunt! 🚀 Even though remote work is wide-spread, ensuring compliance and payments across borders remains to be cumbersome. Understanding the compliance document requirements, intricacies of local labor laws and having a centralized system for global payment requires time and resources. Not to mention the various risks (ie: misclassification, tax evasion) that can cost a company thousands in fines or more. Deel is indeed an all-in-one platform for any remote team, regardless of their size or industry. We help hundreds of companies by helping them with: - Dynamic, localised contracts and compliance document collection reviewed by our 120+ legal experts - Local payments powered by 15 different payment methods including Transferwise, Revolut, Payoneer, PayPal and more - KYC, PEP and Sanctions Screening - US Tax forms collection (W-9, W-8BEN, 1099) and direct filling to the IRS - Invoicing and accounting software integration - One system of record for all of this! In addition to onboarding and paying remote contractors, we are launching a full-time employment feature --> - that will enable companies to employ anyone anywhere (launching with 130+ countries) at competitive prices (Even below $400 in some countries!). We have quite a few happy customers and are planning to onboard a few more this month. 🌍 We're excited to see what the future of work holds. Major steps towards remote working have been made by big companies in the last few months. As big believers in the future of work, we're here to support that! 🙌 We are all excited to hear your thoughts :). The team and I will be around all day to answer your questions, so comment here or reach out to me directly at!
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@letsdeel @bouazizalex Do you have good customers? :)
@letsdeel @ourielohayon ahah someone told me I have the best crypto wallet with the most advanced MPC in the market as a customer 😂
@letsdeel @bouazizalex we re big fan and users of DEEL. keep rocking
@letsdeel @bouazizalex @ourielohayon Glad we're all customers and loving it! Alex, you're an amazing customer experience minded CEO and it shows! Congrats on the excellent UX/I revamp. Feels as clean, functional and polished as the service you provide.
@letsdeel @ourielohayon @raphaelouzan Thanks so much Raphael! It means a lot - we've got a lot more to build but we'll make sure it consistently improves your experience 🙏
We've been using Deel since we started to work fully in remote and to hire all around the world. I'd never go back 😅 Congrats on the revamp Alex & the team ✨
@christophepas Thanks, Christophe! :)
@christophepas aww you are too sweet. We are so proud to support Slite, you and the team are awesome.
@christophepas I can second this, being paid as a contractor at Slite through Deel. Recommended!
@christophepas @willemwijnans Thanks Willem, it's pleasure to have you!
We just want to make hiring globally an easy process, so talents can work together globally. Our mission is to make hiring anyone anywhere simple and fully automated. Since our first PH launch last year, we are supporting over 400 companies worldwide. We figured the platform redesign is a great time to share more details about the services that help with streamline working with global talents.
Amazing product! We have a global team of off-shore contract workers for a variety of tasks in our company, and only foresee to grow our remote and global hiring, so a product like Deel is indispensable! Thank you for tackling this huge problem and making the experience seamless! Good luck!
@alon_vitenshtein Thank you for the kind words, Alon! We're so happy that you enjoy using Deel!
@alon_vitenshtein Thanks Alon 🙇‍♂️🙏 You rock
I used Deel to hire a remote contractor - designer - for our website, and am absolutely recommending this. It's highly customizable, very very clear, and has excellent support. I'm going to use it for all of my contracting needs.
@nimrod_priell Thanks, Nimrod! We're so happy to have you as a user! :)