Confused or interested in web3? What topics are you most interested in learning more about?

Sarah Wright
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Vote and then explain! Would also love to hear about anything that's prevented you from learning more about it so far (i.e. don't know where to find the content, don't understand it, etc.)


Vedran Rasic
Hi Sarah 👋 I am exploring the future of social networks and the next linkedin on web3 :) We all know that how we exchange value on the internet is broken. It's leaning on outbound quite a bit and less on signals and patterns. I think it should be much more organic with all the available data... Any exciting projects in the space that you observed?
Vedran Rasic
@kyoko02143764 there you go :) maybe we should build it? :)
interested to see how web3 can seamlessly connect to current social apps ;)
Qudsia Ali
I am interested in learning more about how metaverse will evolve and how it will impact our online, offline, and social life.