What new WFH tools have you started using?

Sarah Wright
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I have worked remotely for much of my career. Not a ton has changed for me so I'd love to hear from others. What have become your favorite tools while working from home? Have they helped you to collaborate and feel connected to your colleagues remotely? And for those who were already remote โ€” has anything changed?


Sarah Wright
@fajarsiddiq Whereby is great! Love that its no-apps, no-host friendly. It should be easy for teams to adopt quickly.
Joshua Jansen
We were already remote-first, so in terms of collaboration tools we sort of knew our way already (Zoom, Slack, Basecamp). But we still had a physical office in Rotterdam where some of us would come together every now and then for social stuff. Going fully remote did make us miss that, so we had to shift that to having fun together online: we organised a Powerpoint Karaoke and have been playing some spontaneous rounds of online games like skribbl.io, battleship-teams.com, powerline.io. And we'll be doing an online escape room next week. Other than that: we've been hanging out at https://hqspot.com for the past months, it helped us get a sense of virtual presence. And features like the "Daily Dilemma", the Flappy Bird Arcade and anniversary/birthday celebrations added some of the fun and depth we missed as well. (Full disclosure: this is a side-project I've built myself, specifically based on all the things my colleagues and me liked and missed of the other virtual offices we tried before.) I'll launch on PH when the time is right (it's quite rough around the edges), but if anyone feels like trying out the alpha to see if it can help them feel more connected or just want to have fun with their colleagues: feel free to sign up (at your own peril ๐Ÿ˜‰)
Rachel Lanham
We were already power-users of Slack, even when we were all in one room. Zoom quickly became our meeting hub although we've tested other platforms it just feels like video conference calls are what they are. Interested in trying Around. The newest part of that toolset (and we I'm personally working on) is async short video - sort of taking the best of both worlds from slack (async, efficient, searchable) and zoom (human connections, context, nuance).
Justin Ahn
Current startup has been remote-first since Day 1 - so GitHub, G Suite (Docs, Drive, Meet), Notion (knowledge mgmt), and Slack (internal comms) is the core stack. Re: feeling connected, we built a crypto tip app in Slack so we can recognize and acknowledge each other with micro value any time someone adds value to us ๐Ÿ˜‚
Prerna Bagree
@sarah_wright7 We have started using Notion in a great extent so as to maintain everything at one single place.
Sarah Wright
@prerna_bagree The Product Hunt team transitioned to Notion too. Some of us have been hesitant but have converted to evangelists for the same reason. Everything is so well laid out and accessible in one space!
Richard Fang
i second https://whereby.com! Such an awesome nifty conference tool when you just need to hop onto a call with someone.
Marina jedi
Notion, Airtable .... need to find some new tasker with good notification system