PH Launch: is there any day better than the other?

Audrey Rampon
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My instinct would be to avoid Friday-Sunday for a launch on PH. What's your experience?


Newton Lenoir
following for tips. What is the best time on those days as well?
Xavier Coiffard
@newton_lenoir Best time is 12am PDT for sure, that's when PH start a new day! Biggest day are tuesday, wedneday and Thursday
Rashmi Gupta
I will include Monday too as people in Asia and Australia get no time to see.
Matthew Johnson
Data shows Tues - Thurs are the best days to maximize views/reach
Fabian Maume
Wed & Thurs are the best to have more views/reach and be product of the day. Mon & Tue give you more change to be product of the week as you can collect upvote for the full week, but competition is also higher.
Xavier Coiffard
I think overall Tuesday is the best day. It's one of the biggest day of the week with Wed & Thurday but you also collect votes after the launch to be in the weekly newsletter. Weekends are obviously less crowded but it can be nice for a small side project to stand out!