Product Promotion: What's your go-to platform?

Audrey Rampon
11 replies
(If you use any) which platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google ads...) do you tend to invest in to promote your product? And why?


Fabian Maume
It depend of the audience you are targeting. You should invest in the platforms that your audience is using. A quick way to check it out is to have a look to your competitors followers count on the different platform.
porn wb
nice post thanks
Natalie Karakina
For our product is LinkedIn
Audrey Rampon
@nataliekarakina Thanks! I have a mix feeling about Linkedin. Targeting options are amazing, but on the other hand I find it to be a pretty expensive platform to work with.
Siddhesh Lokare
For our product, which is a social network, mostly Instagram>YouTube>Quora>Linkedin>Clubhouse
Rachit Nigam
For us it's Linkedin and relevant Online Communities in different platforms
Larry Miller
Depending on the client and who they are trying to target is the platform I go with. Each platform helps some niche's better than other.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
Depends on what part of the product you want to highlight. I promote everywhere but with different messages.
Tyler Dane
My target customer is entrepreneurial, so I find lots of people like that on Twitter
Md. Ekram Hossan
Facebook. Because I can communicate my buyer here easily and it has vast of local user.