What are the essential questions you'd ask the users of your product to help you improve it?

Audrey Rampon
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If you had to poll the users that don't use your product on a regular basis, what are the 3-5 questions you would ask them, to better understand their needs and reasons for dropping out?


- Do you know what our product do? - Which features do you find the most useful? - Why did you choose to do this over that? - What would make doing your work easier? Globally if I can give an advice, try to ask open questions.
Rashmi Gupta
why have you dropped it and what are you choosing instead
Oleksandra Zubal
why do you think this product might fail?
Bertram Glover
Thanks for sharing. I found a lot of interesting information here. A really good post
Aaron Tran
How disappointed would you be if you could no longer use this product? A. Very disappointed B. Sort of disappointed C. Not disappointed)
Mayank Gupta
1. Did you understand the purpose of my product by using it 2. How easy was navigating through the app 3. Did you face any difficulty in using
Adrian Topka
- Why did you resign? :)
Adrian Topka
@utsav_shah3 Why? What is the point to ask them about all the things around, when you can just ask them directly?