Our Final Launch Checklist: We didn't do all the things.

Tsz Hoi Lee
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Jupitrr is close to launch this week as I was reading some blogs and tips for final prep to make sure we did all the things we could. Feels like I can also value this to share what we did and what we didn't do: And we will soon know does it work or not! (Wish us luck!) Final Checklist: 1. E2E Testing on our product website - make sure it is not buggy 2. Add Tracking to our site - See how our funnel performs and traffic demographics 3. Intro video + Graphic - presentation is everything! 4. Engage with the community - brings value and let people know you! 5. Mental Prep! - Launching might be overwhelming, be grateful! Things we plan not to do: 1. Cold message everyone on Internet - Rank is not everything 2. Ship Page - We feel like we're not the best use case for it 3. Finding a Hunter - we tried for a bit but we decided not. 4. All-nighter with STRESS - Launch is one of the milestones in maker's process. But no need to stress about as "the only bad workout is no workout" mentality! **Any last tips for us? Or anyone wanna take a beep of our product? Hit me upppp!**


Viren Mohindra
Fantastic list, can't wait for the launch πŸš€
MacLain Christie
Love this! You show more of the thoughtfulness and prep work that can go into a launch. Also nice to hear what you're not doing and why. It's a good reminder to know when to follow convention and when to break the rules if it makes sense for your situation. Good luck on your launch!
Tsz Hoi Lee
@maclain_christie Thanks for supporting buddy! A launch on Product Hunt should generate more positives than being overwhelming. Enjoy the process and time will tell!
That is really helpful. Hey any specific lead gen advice for app downloads?
Tsz Hoi Lee
@bixie For app, App store optimising is very underrated. We had an app keep getting few signs up everyday without any marketing push.
Maciej Cupial
You could add the PH widget to your website during the launch.
Tsz Hoi Lee
@maciej_cupial That's a topic I just talked with my co-founder, we wonder how much an impact it can make. Got any idea?
Sarah Jordi
@maciej_cupial @tszhoi_19 if you're actively doing sales outreach (unrelated to the PH launch), then I believe the PH widget is a nice touch. I've also made the experience that it can help with credibility when people that don't come from PH see this on your website.
Tsz Hoi Lee
@maciej_cupial @sarahxjo thanks for the insight! Will adjust this accordingly. Probably gonna embedded after successful gained decent number of upvotes!
Rucha Joshi
@maciej_cupial If you do add a widget, it would be good to specify that you are live on PH for those 24h. So people may still be able to go support you if they like your product.
Davor Kolenc
@maciej_cupial @tszhoi_19 If you have traffic comin onto your site then it might have an impact. If you don't have many visitors, try scheduling a blog or some kind of content and then sharing it on social network on the day of the launch. You have nothing to lose there, I think.
Dimitris Karavias
A Plan B- mitigation plan if there's serious issues found before, or during, the release. Not sure what your team looks like but you'll want very clear escalation procedures and communication protocols. As simple as possible. Share a template with the team along the lines of "Issue with : Impact: " Someone should be assigned release manager with final say on postponing (if issues are found before) or rolling back (if issues are found during/after release) based on issues found.
Sarah Jordi
You got this! Looking forward to your launch. 😊 I like how you consciously deprioritize a few things and I believe it's the right decision. After my last experiences, I also think the cold messaging might lead to some votes being deducted / not counted in the first place.
Tsz Hoi Lee
@sarahxjo Thanks Sarah πŸ™πŸ» Community support is the biggest mental lifts. Really grateful for the support πŸŽ‰
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
Your timing couldn't have been better! I'm currently preparing our own launch day plan. Thanks for sharing!! I also wrote down things like sharing on social media (Twitter, FB, LI, etc.) and reaching out to our existing user base. I also think food, drinks, and coffee are super important on launch day!
Margarita Shvetsova
Exciting time! Agree that intro video and visuals are very important. Also agree that having a hunter won't necessarily have a serious impact on the launch results, so no need to waste time on it. My last-minute tip: to have the launch day plan ready AND make sure that each team member knows what their launch responsibilities are. I hope your team will be in the office, all together, but we were working remotely and it was harder to delegate things on the fly. I think it's much easier when you are in the same room. Also, I'd suggest to play with the Submit a new product button, fill in the blanks and make sure everything is perfect (just without pressing the Submit button) - it cost me 10 mins because not everything worked as expected when I was submitting our product. I wish you best of luck and hope not to miss your launch! :) Will be happy to support your product. Maybe you can share the date?
Tsz Hoi Lee
@margarita_s88 Hey Margarita! Thanks for the insight, yea got reminded that we needa prepare a tech protocol for unpredictable bugs! Hopefully all good. And thanks for willing to support us. It’s would be tmr (tue) if everything goes well! Will update you!!
Great list! Love that you're treating this as one milestone in the maker's process. Good luck!
Good luck with the launch - looking forward to hearing how it went!
Tsz Hoi Lee
@maxwellcdavis hey Maxwell, thanks for supporting. For sure will help out!
Sebastian Britz
Looking forward to the Launch! πŸš€
Darsh Patel
We're on the same boat! Thanks for sharing
Annachiara Sechi
Thanks for the list! I still think rank is quite a thing, but quite sure you've got all what you need! Best luck!
Tsz Hoi Lee
@annachiara_sechi Hey there! We feel like if we did our best, no need to get to anxious to the result! We just live on today's product hunt, love to have your support!
Rosie Higgins
This is a sound list guys, I think you're pretty bang on! Agree on the Ship page front, we had one and I don't think it helped. Best of luck with the launch!
Rosie Higgins
@tszhoi_19 so did we!! Should we both upvote each other? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Best of luck with it, your product looks fabulous.
Johann Molinari
Good luck, interesting to see the choices you made @tszhoi_19 Thanks for sharing!
Dan Cleary
Great list! Going to your product page next. You should try out http://tethered.dev/ for bug reporting on your site:) Congrats on the launch !
David Kamwana
Love what you've created and your landing page is beautiful and clear. Your checklist has given me additional thoughts to consider, thanks for that. Look forward to your launch!
Tsz Hoi Lee
@david_kamwana Hey David, thanks for your kind words and support. We're live on today! Also looking forwards to your launch!
Johnson Fu
Excited to see Jupitrr launch. Hope it goes well and good luck!