How do you choose your Marketing/Growth Strategies?

Tsz Hoi Lee
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Hey makers! When breaking down success stories from other products, many startups have grown in different strategies. From SEO, social media content, to sponsor content, collaborations, build-in-public, there're more than 20 ways to get users. For those who planned your marketing strategies, what's your rationale to plan and how to experiment and validate a particular method?


There are many marketing strategies that are available in the market. You have to implement them for atleast a week for SEO and after a week results will be visible to you slowly. Read more on
Tsz Hoi Lee
@docpromo If SEO is slow to see results, how much effort should put on? Some said 10-15 blogs, what's your take?
Doc Promo
@docpromo @tszhoi_19 Seo is considered a slow process but it has a lifetime value. It's like planting a seed for a tree. Eventually when the tree grows its foundation is very strong. In a competitive environment, you must give at least 6 to 9 months for SEO to start giving you the results you need. But applying SEO with PPC marketing can give you added boost considering you are properly tracking your Return on Investment. For more, visit
Itis Di
The core of all the marketing strategies is Goal. What is your goal? I know mostly people will say to generate more sales or revenue. How would you achieve this? what metrics would you track to decide if the set goal is met or not. So the overall process of choosing your marketing/growth strategy should be: Step1: Define your goal. (you want to generate more leads or generate more traffic or may be just create brand awareness) Step2: Set metrics to map/measure those goals Step3: Select channel and budget Step4: Define your monthly, quarterly, and weekly content marketing strategy accordingly. Step 5: Regular analysis of how your content marketing strategy is performing. Step6: Optimise the strategy as and when needed. Hope this helps:)