Open platforms for start ups to meet Angel investors or VCs!

Kanan Tandi
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I'm sure this question must have been posted here. But I would like to know, which are some of the "free" platforms where you get to network with fellow start ups or angel investors. I feel, the Angel investors are looking for the start ups as much as we are looking for them. Any help?


Matthew Johnson
Conduit worked for us ( LinkedIn is also a great resource for this. If you do a search of1st and second degree connections with 'angel' in the title you hopefully get a bunch of results for angels that are one intro away.
Matthew Johnson
Here's a link which should run the search for you
Kanan Tandi
@mattcrail Thanks a bunch. Yeah! I had tried the LinkedIn think. And yes, it worked also. Good step to start with.
Slava Bobrov
There are some slack communities where founders can meet with investors. Check out
Malik Also I have a ton of connection on
Hi Kanan, being an owner of the one I could tell that the problem with "free" platforms is the people who exploit it and join for "just to try/ for fun" putting in garbage data and not being useful to the community. However, I do not have a free platform to offer, yet have one with very low free. Not even a dollar and you get free contact with your registration charges. Do check it out. Link in bio.