Marketing networking?

Alexandra Cote
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I've been meeting up with marketers over the past month and had some pretty good brainstorming sessions, so: Does anyone in growth marketing [or similar] want to meet up and just chat career stuff and bounce off ideas? Thanks!


Christopher Silvestri
Hey Alexandra, I'd love to chat. You can hit me up on Twitter if you want too ;) (Already following but just in case
Dawn Veltri
I'd love to chat! Also, Lunchclub is a great place to meet and chat with other marketers.
Taylan Kaymakcı
Hello @alexandracote ! I would love to meet up for a while. I will be waiting for your msg at: Take care.
Emmanuel Lefort
Hi Alexandra! More than happy to chat! You can DM met here
Alexandra Cote
@nemanja_zivkovic Yas! Been wanting to talk to you for a while. Sent you a DM on Twitter