Looking for a complete video editing tool

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Specifically, I'm looking for one that offers Zoom-effect. Preferably, looking to support a startup rather than established company like Adobe. Anyone got suggestions for what tool to use?


Ng Fang Kiang
Wave video is not bad. They have zoom-in/out effects
@jorcus Appreciate the quick reply. Have just signed up, but I can't see where they offer the Zoom effects
@michael_joseph_aubry @mattcrail Have just signed up and tested it - great tool, but you still can't pan or zoom on the video.
Michael Aubry
@mattcrail @iampascio I have some major updates coming soon. The product is getting a major rewrite in the next update so bare with me. To pan you can click “h” on the keyboard, zoom is cmd + or cmd -
@mattcrail @michael_joseph_aubry Do the keyboard shortcuts incorporate it into the video for later export?
Have you seen if Canva video supports this?
@hugh_dawkins I find Canva is very limited in videos - or is it a seperate tool?
Kira Leigh
I'm very partial to Wondershare's Filmora. Super easy to use and even has some AI and AR filters.