Do you feel that you accomplished what you wanted for 2021, and if so, what was that?

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Maxwell Davis
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Not quite - didn't managed to get our product Beta out before the end of the year. Feels like we were so close, but life just got in the way!
Aurelian Spodarec
Building my first Saas this year :)
Hate looking at things by a yearly basis, I think that's a horrible way to go about things in general. I'd rather on a few months basis, a month basis, a week basis, a day basis. It gives you small milestones you can focus, and if you mess things up, instead of waiting for the new year, you're going to revise it the next day or the next week or month depending on the context. I'm currently working on a SaaS and its going to go into 2022 before I launch my MVP. So the question for me would be, "Are you happy what you've achieved in the past 2-3months?" - said in January/February 2022 or maybe worst case scenario I'll launch the product in March 2022. But have I achieved or accomplished what I wanted the past two years? Nope! I've learned a very valuable lesson working with clients, code etc... which I believe will set me up for better future. But that's with everything in life right ^^
Hussain Effendi
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To be honest 2021 has not been a productive year, at least not for me. Even though I have accomplished some of my professional milestones, it was still not as far as I hoped. On a personal level, 2021 has been really disappointing in terms of self-growth. But hey! It's a new day and more importantly a new year; so cheers to a new start. Happy New Year 2022.
Jakub Piskor
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Yeah, grew revenue of my e-commerce store, and built a new side project which got a positive feedback here on PH. I'm looking forward to 2022, we will see what will come. Happy New Year and I wish you all success in 2022.
John Donne
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