What's the best tool for handling your e-mail list?

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Looking for something that's similar to Tweethunter.io or Buffer in it's interface. Have fizzled with Mailchimp, but it's just so damn bulky. Any suggestions for a responsive, simple e-mail marketing tool?


Mailerlite is decent but a bit clunky at times too - the bonus is it allows free automations. HubSpot is pretty clean but gets pricy very quickly.
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
for https://hapyyr.com/ I use mailerlite. Look at their offers and if you have additional questions, let me know.
Fred Chris
@ https://ubico.grsm.io/connect will help everything before was so manual, having to use multiple platforms like LinkedIn for prospecting, Norbert for finding emails, and Mailchimp for sending, Ubico has helped provide all of that on one platform.