Let's take a break: If you weren't a Founder/Maker, what you would have been doing?

Adithya Shreshti
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As a finance grad, never did I imagine a few years ago that I will be creating side-projects or helping other makers but here I am. If I wasn't Founder/Maker, I might have been working somewhere as Financial or a Business Analyst. What would you answer be if the same question is posed to you.


Stefan Smiljkovic
Maybe sport guy, musician. Could be a lot of stuff
Adithya Shreshti
@stefan_smiljkovic Interesting, if it was just one that could have been full-time which one would it be?
Ayush Kumar Singh
This is mine - Starting a real non-profit with no hidden motives
Adithya Shreshti
@how_to_tutorials full-time? This could be done part time as well right? Definitely thoughtful though.
Currently working as a part-time consultant, part-time Maker so that answers the question. Hoping to make the transition into a full-time founder/maker!
Karl Hennings
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