Who are best makers you follow, the ones who inspire you to start your maker journey?

Adithya Shreshti
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I am sure there are some amazing makers - some of them who go on a marathon of creating new projects frequently and some who create an amazing project once a year or so. Who are the ones you follow - could be to gain ideas, gain inspiration or just to support them. If they are on PH, do tag them. You may also mention the link to their projects so we know what they are working on. No self promos please :)


Really. There are so many people I aspire to, about building stuff. Ideas, inspiration, enthusiasm, mindset, everything. They form a big percentage of my approach to building. Here are some name on top of my mind: @louispereira23 's https://readsomethinggreat.com and https://threadsby.me @linuz90 & @frankdilo 's https://mailbrew.com, https://typefully.app https://lofi.cafe @0l0 's https://tray.club and https://the.rip And specially @arvidkahl - he and his books, all about the approach and process of building. (https://permanent.link) So many great stuff. I have huge respect for all the makers like them.
Adithya Shreshti
@louispereira23 @linuz90 @frankdilo @0l0 @arvidkahl Thanks for recommending @yashjaing, also for sharing their products. Great to see some products I use and folks whom I learn from.
@adithya can we connect? I built a twitter tool you might like. Inspired by readsomethinggreat.com
@yashjaing It's been a year and I still found the referrer information in your comment useful. I'm leaving a comment because I really appreciate it. Good luck with your product.
Gleb Braverman
Most of the makers I follow are on Twitter, I am a big fan of the team behind Runway (Siqi Chen is amazing)!
Adithya Shreshti
Checking out the product right away @gleb_braverman Btw, do you mind sharing who are some top makers that you follow?
Alston Antony
There lot but the person who I respect most is Johnny Nguyen from WPJhonny. He is experienced, always honest and shares lot of stuff.