Adithya Shreshti

Adithya Shreshti

Startup Launch & NoCode Consultant


Among top Product Hunters. 225+ hunts and launches over the last many years. As a NoCode Catalyst and Startup Launch Consultant I have had the opportunity and privilege to converse with 100s of founders/makers to help in the process of building their product and guide them through the process of launch to achieve excellent initial traction and get the ball rolling. Conversations/Workshops with tons of aspiring creators and makers and more. You can checkout my website or my timeline to know more.


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Thought Leader


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Top Product
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Maker History

  • Indie.Deals
    Discover early launch deals by Indie Makers
    Nov 2023
  • NoCode Tube
    NoCode Tube
    Unlock NoCode superpowers
    Apr 2023
  • Product Launch AI
    Unleash the power of AI to supercharge your product launches
    Jan 2023
  • NoCode Stash
    Discover the best of no-code for your next maker project
    Nov 2021
  • Open Source Stash
    The best open-source alternatives for you next maker project
    Dec 2020