Knowledge management / organizing what you read and your notes and highlights

Boris Vaisman
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Does anyone have recommended tools (or a combination of tools) for what they use to organize what they read? I like to read, highlight, add notes, and have an easy way to come back and review my highlights and notes later. Reading and then capturing notes (instead of highlighting and annotating) outside the text is very time consuming for me. I believe that the typical options for this are OneNote and Evernote and of course more recent tools like Notion. The basic features that I am thinking about are: (i) works on mobile and on laptop, (ii) support web pages (HTML) and PDF files, (iii) creates a permanent copy (ideally with noisy formatting and ads stripped out), (iv) supports both highlighting and annotating. (It would be magical if Notion had that capability.) The most obvious choices seem to be: - UnderlineMe - Weava Tools - Sum It Up - Curius - Pocket - Diigo Pocket comes the closest, but does not support annotations and does not support PDFs. UnderlineMe and Weave Tools seems like the best laptop-only solution. Sum It Up and Curius are similar. But they do not support PDFs. Curius is also buggy for me. Lastly, Diigo based on the description is perfect. But, the mobile implementation is a little clunky. More importantly, the implementation is buggy and the support team is very not responsive. There is a cool tool called JustClip. It is almost too comprehensive. It also does not support mobile. For completeness, other tools that I tried/considered include: - - - - - - - - -


Junior Owolabi
you could use Atlassian Confluence, it has plugin for just about everything, it is cloud and has mobile, tablet/ipad support