Highlight, annotate, bookmark and organize online research

Weava is a workspace for research where you can highlight, organize and collaborate your research materials.

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This tool has been life changing for me. As someone who was constantly starting new Google sheets so I could copy and paste notes as I read them and hoping to remember to include the source each time, Weava has become a MASSIVE timesaver. It's one of those tools I've been hoping someone would build for a long time. I has had the effect of making me procrastinate less when working on projects because it reduces the overwhelm associated with tracking and organizing research. Personal use case: as an owner of a new company that is scaling quickly, I am trying to document everything as I go so we can create workflows and best practices. This means I am processing a ton of information daily, but the time it takes to organize and synthesize that information so it can be usable for my team isn't sustainable without a tool like Weava. I started using them when they were Gistnote last year and I foresee them continuing to innovate and becoming an even more indispensable resource.
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Thanks @lolatesla! I'm really glad that you love our tool :)
Love the product! Pretty awesome powerful tool for people doing research or just plain collecting insightful highlights from stuff you read!
this looks excellent. as a serious research dude, i'd love to see a collaboration feature that allows teams (or individuals) to rate the credibility and reliability of sources (along with independence, in fact, you could just use the VIA model from research in journalism). attributes for sources would also be useful, feel free to ping me if you want some elaboration
@passingnotes We are building collaboration features right now and it will be released very soon. I think I need more elaborations on your model. I'll ping you separately. Thanks!
@passingnotes I wanted to find you but I can't find a way to message you on PH or Twitter. I'd like to know more can you email me directly at michelle ( at ) weavatools.com so that we can have a chat ? Thanks!
This product is very similar to https://www.diigo.com Diigo is a matured product with support for folders and groups. It's been available for a while and has been adding support for multiple platforms. Works on iOS too.
@mail2vks Thanks! Diigo has improved a lot recently, and we'll continue to build features to support our users needs.
@mail2vks There's an Android app as well.
Seems very similar to Lumio. But the citations is a nice touch. How else would you say it's different/ better?
@richard_martin thanks for your feedback! Weava is geared towards serious research. On Weava, you can: 1) Highlight in mulltiple colors, 2) Organize highlights by color tags (eg. Red: Important, Blue: statistics), 3) Highlight directly on our web app, 4) Easily access your highlights on Chrome browser 4) Export in multiple formats (Word, Excel, csv, txt).