It's May! What are your goals for the month?

Ryan Gilbert
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New month, new goals. What are some of your bigger picture goals you'd like to accomplish this month?


Raja Simon
Main goal is to add few features to and then convert free users to paid users when trial ends. Wish me luck.
Fernando Pessagno
This month I will finally address a huge pain point with a new feature that will allow anyone to not only design, but to also write an effective resume super easily.
Fernando Pessagno
@mrmuke also! I am launching the blog for ResumeMaker.Online hopefully sometime during May
Justin George
Complete the third product of the year. I decided to try a couple of ideas this year and stop procrastinating. Completed 2 already. => Product Hunt statistics => One dashboard for your business I would like to complete at least 5 products this year and see what works.
Ketan Pandit
First product launch in a long time! Excited!
Samson Godstime Adarighofua
main goal is to make rank on the first page on google
Joshua Dance
I would like to launch a new version of that is mobile optimized.
Shaun Nestor
To Launch! 🚀 I’m working on an affiliate management platform for SaaS founders and creators.
Shaun Nestor
@techno_pagans do you have use for something like this? I want to make sure the MVP has the necessary features to be helpful
Arun Pariyar
Looking forward to expanding my network 💪
Harish Kumar
This goal is to write high-value 80 authority content and highly optimise them for social media for SaaS founders like Reddit, Quora, Product Hunt and Indie Hacker audiences...these articles together will be almost like a growth hacking master goal is to create 1m search impression at the end of the May month and achieve a CTR of as high as 4-5% in direct, social and organic search....wish me Good luck.
Ezzat Suhaime
@harish_crawlq Your specificity and directness is a sign of your skills. Good luck!
Ludovico Petrali
Main goal of the month is building a community of like-minded people that can appreciate what I am building. We will launch around mid-summer and feedbacks of people in the field will prove valuable. We are niche: our only objective is to help content apps with a subscription model - they need a new organic acquisition channel- we will give them what they want! If you have nay suggestions on best practices to build a community, especially on twitter - please reach out!
Thor Schroeder
Find my direction. I feel like I have done a lot of the past decade with nothing to show for it.
Daniel Engels
achieve a sustainable inbound growth!
Oliver Zaciu
@daniel_engels Same here! Are you launching a new feature or more focused on acquiring the right users or changing your story? Curious how you're going to accomplish this!!
Daniel Engels
@ozaciu we have a mature product, with over 100 big enterprise clients that we got with outbound prospection. Now it's time to scale. My current objective is to set up an inbound funnel and start acquiring SMB users
Zoe Marais
Getting ready for the Transpose API suite alpha launch this month! Super excited to be able to start sharing our products and watch them in action. Can't wait to see what people will build in web3 with Transpose!
Paul VanZandt
The main goal is sprinting towards our launch on May 11th. Should be exciting!
LaLa Artica
Complete 31 days of the #100daysofNocodechallenge. Upload to MBA every single day Blog post on each blog Get my Live stream set up. Document all my Postcrossings for the Month! I'd also love an organic sale of my Mural Passport. But I may have to resort to That could possibly be a goal for may... lol Turn my Airtable Database of Postcards into a Live Document on Coda to have a shareable collection database. Sounds fun! Have a great May fellow Indie Makers!
Innocent Amadi
* Convert 5 current pilots with a satisfaction rate of >8 NPS * Publish 4 high quality content that sum up my learning in helping clients get their first 100 paying customers.
Ezzat Suhaime
Graduate high school
Lucas Bonatto Miguel
Pixel perfect my product and spread the seeds
Oliver Zaciu
@lucasbmiguel never underestimate a pixel perfect product. Changes a user's interaction 10x
Sergio Zaciu
push on our GTM strategy for Reelay, build more features, and enjoy the summer weather.
Oliver Zaciu
launch a feature I've had in the pipeline for months to engage our users 10x