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#1 Product of the WeekAugust 07, 2018

ResumeMaker.Online allows users to create a resume throught a smooth and straightforward experience, a minimal UI & in-context tips that ease the process even more.

✓100% free (donation-based)

✓No sign-up required

Users can:

✓Choose color and typography

✓Manage sections

✓Change paper size

✓Preview resume in 3D

✓Download a print-ready PDF

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  • Chris Brooks
    Chris BrooksFreelancer, Vervini

    Nice UI, beautiful design


    No way to save info submitted and continue at a later stage. Lacks the ability to add additional areas for custom text, etc.

    This is a great way to build resumes. Beautiful UI with a beautiful output of the resume. I would love to see an option to save the resume though for later editing or even a simple JSON export/import so I can import at a later stage, edit and export again. Would also like to see the ability to add additional sections or just generic text areas. Very keen to see where this goes.

    Chris Brooks has used this product for one day.
  • Joan Mershon
    Joan MershonLifeABILITY

    Easy to use, Nice UI, Clear directions


    Can't save for later edits, No ATS version, Lack of any layout options

    As a career coach of 20+ years, this is clearly better than having no resume. It also has one layout - which may or may not be the best one for you. For me the deal breakers is not being able to save and come back later to edit. Who wants to type all that in again and again and again. If you are handing out stock resumes directly to people (say at a job fair) then it may be a good deal.

    Joan Mershon has used this product for one day.
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Fernando Pessagno
Fernando PessagnoMaker@fer_momento · Product UI/UX Designer
Hello Product Hunt community! I´m super excited to post my first product here and I really hope you can find it useful. This is the first version of the project and I´m aiming to add new features in the near future, so any kind of feedback will be greatly appreciated! UPDATE (september 2) Since release I updated the app, the major changes are: ✓multi language support improved (spanish + english + french + italian + portuguese + german) ✓all text elements are editable (even pre-set titles) ✓mobile support (Android devices) UPDATE 2 (october 8) ✓https ✓margins reduced to allow more room for content ✓general bug fixes & speed optimization UPDATE 3 (december 20) ✓ Save/Load feature! UPDATE 4 (february 10) ✓Chinese language support ✓Interactive links in PDF for website, email and social profiles.
Mitch@sleumasm · Creator of
@fer_momento I love the design! I have been working on something similar for the past few months - One issue I see with it that I have spent months trying to figure out... When you generate the PDFs, is the site converting the design into an canvas then saving that as a PDF? Or how are you doing it? Because it looks like the exported PDF is simply one image on a PDF... And that means these resumes cannot be read or parsed by resume scanning software since the text isn't actually on the PDF. With Ceev, the only solution I've found to preserve text is to let users print to PDF using the browser print window.
David@davidj · Digital Marketing
@fer_momento This looks fantastic, but the need to enter a date of birth is puzzling. That's highly irrelevant and should not be on a resume. I'd love to use this as it looks very sharp, but the inability to remove DOB is a bust.
Aaron Foley
Aaron Foley@aaron_foley
@fer_momento @davidj there are a number of sections on here Birthday, Martial Status, Nationality, even picture, have no place on a resume but interesting UI
David@davidj · Digital Marketing
@fer_momento @aaron_foley For sure, but you can turn off the picture, martial status, address, etc. For some reason, DOB is not available to turn on/off. I agree, beautiful UI but that's a definite deal breaker for me.
Fernando Pessagno
Fernando PessagnoMaker@fer_momento · Product UI/UX Designer
@davidj Fixed :)
Dipak Vadera
Dipak Vadera@dipakvadera · Business Development Manager, Leadfeeder
This is awesome! The template is neat & sleek! One suggestion: make it optional to include the date of birth as at the moment it's mandatory
Fernando Pessagno
Fernando PessagnoMaker@fer_momento · Product UI/UX Designer
@dipakvadera Thanks Dipak! think you´re right and it´s the second time someone suggested me that. I will make it optional in the next update
Fernando Pessagno
Fernando PessagnoMaker@fer_momento · Product UI/UX Designer
@dipakvadera I´ve just fixed it. Several people suggested it, so why not doing it right away
Adrian Krebs
Adrian Krebs@krebs_adrian · Software Engineer
Well done! This site might help someone to get a job. It reminds me of this open source project:
Andrew CM Yip
Andrew CM Yip@andrewyip · data enthusiast
finally it's here! it'd be awesome if it would ingest json-resume
Fernando Pessagno
Fernando PessagnoMaker@fer_momento · Product UI/UX Designer
@andrewyip Now it finnaly does! Save/load feature has been added
Rebecca Garcia
Rebecca Garcia@geekgirlweb · GeekGirlWeb
Nice interface, just some quick feedback that for the U.S. job market: Potential employers are not supposed to ask for your photo, age, nationality/citizenship as it's against the Equal Opportunity Employment Act to avoid discrimination. I would highly recommend having those as optional or having a U.S. only version which doesn't include those.
Fernando Pessagno
Fernando PessagnoMaker@fer_momento · Product UI/UX Designer
@geekgirlweb Thank you Rebecca for taking time to provide those links. All the personal information and picture are optional, you can turn each one on/off to suit your needs from the "Sections" tab in the menu.