Is charging US$ 2,000 for a 5-day visual identity brand sprint for startups ridiculous?

Carsten Pleiser
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Traditional visual identity design/branding for startups is broken: 1. You don’t know your identity and your market yet 2. Working with an in-house designer or traditional branding agency is not sustainable 3. The typical process of visual identity design is slow, expensive, and complicated 4. DIY-ing your visual identity? Unless you're a professional designer, you’ll end up looking like an amateur Plus, do you really have the time and energy to deal with this stuff, you want to focus on sales & growing your business. What if there was a solution that gives you a professional premium visible identity for a fixed timeline and a fraction of the cost of going with a branding agency? - A solution that gives you a functional and usable logo and visual identity to start with - A visual identity that can evolve as your company grows - A visual identity you can go to market with, without being embarrassed What if there was a team of creatives who have done it before? Look forward to hearing your feedback, friend ;)


Rosie Sherry
You could probably charge more, but $2k might be a good start. Check out DesignJoy, I believe this is a single person operation making $1m a year now.
Carsten Pleiser
@rosiesherry Thanks Rosie - I know Brett from the Productize Community and I already run but clients always ask us for branding projects which we currently don't do.
Fariz Hakim
Depends on the deliverable/scoping. But assuming the "usual suspects" (logo, color, typo, some assets etc), it does make sense actually. A fixed timeline and price are big selling points since these are mostly unknown unless you contact them and have the first meeting etc. Plus, if you already have some portfolio ready to be the social proof with this method, this would be very much attractive :) As someone who works at a startup that is currently in the rebranding process, this would very much have helped my research process as well as reporting to my manager for the decision-making process.
I don't think a premium product like this for that price is ridiculous at all - it'll be especially practical for those with a little bit of cash.
Depends. It looks decent enough for a SaaS looking to push an MVP onto the market. What would you deliver at the end of the 5 days?
Carsten Pleiser
@stelian_dobrescu1 So it would be split the following way: Day 1: Kick-Off Call Day 2: Design Exploration & Proposals (2 Logo Suggestions) Day 3: Presentation & Feedback Day 4: Revisions & Feedback Day 5: Handover Deliverables are: - Logo - Color Palette - Typography - Social Media Assets (we create templates for you to use) - Social Media Covers (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) - Brand Guidelines PDF Add-ons could be: - Product Hunt Assets
Carsten Pleiser
@k_j1 I think Logology just focuses on the logo whereas we would do the visual identity, including social media, typography, colors etc.