If you could spend an hour with One Startup Founder, who would that be?

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Mine: Michael Seibel I'd love to hear your story!


Tatiana Kukova, PhD
@nafisfaysl Kevin Rose has first-hand knowledge of the start-up ecosystems in Silicon Valley as well as New York. Also, I can say with full confidence that he is brilliant at interviewing entrepreneurs, angel investors, and VCs because he asks the right questions. I came across his podcasts back in 2013 called 'Foundation' by Kevin Rose, which were funded by Google Ventures, where he was at the time. Now, I would recommend his recent podcasts, which he does for True Ventures. He also has 'The Kevin Rose Show' if you are interested in nutrition and meditation apps.
Nikolas Tsoniotis
Blake Mycoskie or Manoj Bhargava
Nikolas Tsoniotis
@nafisfaysl because as a founder my concern is the footprint we leave in this world and this is not a straight forward answer to incorporate in your business model
Jeff Zhang
Peter Thiel, hands down.
Jeff Zhang
@nafisfaysl Check out zero to one and you'll see why
@shl and @rrhover — both of them have created a very successful platform and moved on to the startup ecosystem's next big things. Rich mind to pick if you had an opportunity. @rrhover is available via PH Mentor services for a fee. Sometimes I debate whether to spend $400 on advertising to figure out or ask the one guy who can tell it like its. Sometimes, we have to look at this interaction from the angle of value. And that's not come for free from the advice-giver side. When interests are aligned, both parties will get value out of this exchange, though. So, I see the benefit in that investment. My point is outside of cold email, a chance encounter, we can create an opportunity for ourselves on their terms (founders, VC, or anybody worth following their advice) I would like to know if anyone had such an experience to share. https://www.producthunt.com/ment... SHAMELESS PITCH — Would love to get your feedback for my app youremarks.com
Pavel Osadchuk
I would spend an hour with Elon Musk. We would talk about games, space, and other unrelated stuff. Because you can't learn anything valuable that cannot be googled rn in an hour meeting.
Tom Grigory
The one and only Peter Thiel and Paul Graham.