I've built the service with no code spending $29/month. Tips you need to quick start with Bubble

Vasilina Leushina
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Hi guys! Bubble.io is an amazing service. You can build literally any kind of apps with it. I hope the no-code will help you as it helps me. My short story: A year ago I started to think about solutions for online creators to be able to acquire followers in some cheaper and easier way. So, I started to search for developers to bring my ideas to life. After 6 months (end of Spring 2021), a lot of talks, and 1 YC interview, I've realized what with the current team we'll launch the product at least in December 2021. So it meant 6 months and at least $5,000 per month on frontend and backend developers. Toooooo long time and too expensive. And then I found Bubble.io. Today my startup "Surfaces" has more than 120 users. I've built it in 2 months with Bubble and spent $29/month for its subscriptions. Dreams come true with no-code! I've collected a few tips and resources on how to start with Bubble: How to start with Bubble (5 tips) List of bootcamps (3) List of Youtube channels (4) List of communities (3) List of useful plugins: for analytics, writing, email, and payments (11) List of newsletters about No-code and Bubble.io (4) Here's the link to get the pack: https://surfaces.one/minilanding...


Atul Ghorpade
Thanks a ton for these resources, Vasilina. By the way, I don't know coding. I also don't have any registered business. So can I create monetized app using Bubble?
Vasilina Leushina
@atulghorpade Hi Atul! Yes, you can build anything with bubble - you don't need registered business and it's fully "no code' - so, you don't need to be able to write code!