The toxic founders' communities:

Vasilina Leushina
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I'm a follower of different founders groups - some of them in Russian, some in English. When you pitch your startup in English communities - you'll get support and suggestions to improve. If you pitch it in Russian one - you'll get feedback like: - you team is not experienced enough - the idea is not unique - there's a pile of the same services - go and find a job I haven't idea why but the same situation with investors and IT professional communities in Russian. Nice people


Anil Meena
I can't say if this is particularly the case with Russians, but not every community is very polite or welcoming like product hunt... Take Reddit for example; some of the communities are quite brutal, and they are from different parts of the world!!!
Anna Mandziuk 🇺🇦
Interesting🤔 What Russian communities are you referring to? I've heard from some of my Russian acquaintances that there is such a thing indeed, because of many good ideas and companies that start there, and, hence, the competition. So, those, who feel like they are not on a level with others, can try and discourage people by diminishing their work, ideas, or experience. I hope that negativity doesn't put you in a bad mood❤️ You have Product Hunt if you need feedback or support! :)