Why you can't bring yourself to create content consistently?

Vasilina Leushina
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Hi guys! Almost all of us want to have a lot of followers or a personal brand-led community. And the purpose is not ego or "to feel more confident" - your community is the best what you can build for your earns and business. That's why we have the rise of the creator economy. And almost all of us started to create and share content but can't bring ourselves to do it consistently. My question is "why"? What's the biggest obstacle or the most challenging part of community/audience building for you? Share in the comments, please!


Vasilina Leushina
In my case, I always have more important things to do: work, family, sleep :) But I think this is not the real cause: content creation is one of the most harder things to do for the brain. On the same level as coding or even harder. Especially if we're talking about content topics you're an expert in - you need to structure a lot of pieces of information each of which is meaningful. But I believe in consistency - you just need to develop a habit and any actions will be easier to do!
Misha Krunic
Hello, Vasilina! I agree it is rather difficult to create content, especially when your primary activities are related to another field (developing in my case). I think that when making content it's important to maintain a quality standard, as opposed to being focused on frequency. That's difficult to do on its own, but even more so when you spend your energy on other tasks. And energy is the key concept here. One needs to manage it properly throughout the day to get things done! Also time - sometimes when I work on my projects I don't notice how quickly time passes. The worst is when you have both energy and time but run into a what they call "a creative block". It's important not to get discouraged, though! One bad day doesn't mean the next can't be excellent.
Preeti Chovoor
Personally I feel like my creativity burns out sometimes or that I may be creating content that's too similar