How you manage your marketing work in 8 hours of day?

Robins Gupta
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Being startup founders we have to do most of the work. From being up to date on Social Media to Replying to customer's queries, Planning for what next imp feature to release next week, writing blogs, and planning next week's newsletter. Curious to know how you all manage and plan your daily work?


Building a In-college startup
It depends on what we want for the day result
Marketing & Growth
We use Notion to plan all activities and follow them, and of course you need to understand the key marketing channels to reach your KPIs and get more results instead of spend your time for all channels
digital marketing company in India
I use tool for the content creation with my team which helps me save alot of time. The tool is known as Qinaps
Traveling & Building
Some work is consistent on a day to day: I start my day eating breakfast while catching up with news, email, and posts. It's an easy multitask since all I'm doing is reading while munching. I plan my weeks with a high-level goal or goals like "create a new blog post" or "create XYZ enhancement". Then drill into the days' tasks one at a time. I've found that planning the next day's work is best done the night before. I know what I've knocked out today, what needs to be done next, and my weeks goals are my north star.