What is your first app you begin your day with?

Robins Gupta
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It feels good to wake up every day to log Into the first app which was once just an idea in our head and now is used by many others. What is your first app you begin your day with?


Robins Gupta
@loic_alix_brown1 We are using mixpanel. How does it compares with? Is it better?
Loic Alix-Brown
@robins_gupta I've tried both, they both offer similar solutions. I believe in amplitude's team however, as I have a close relationship with them and can see a clear path for their roadmap. I think both are great products but I believe Amplitude is heading towards a more complete solution. For example, Amplitude are working on integrating experimentation within their product and already allow you to measure the impact of your marketing campaigns. For example, we've set up amplitude to allow us to know exactly how a particular email impacts all of our activation metrics within the product. Also, amplitude don't charge by monthly users and instead by event volume which is in our case much more scalable as we are a high volume type of business. Final thing worth noting is that amplitude offer a one year scholarship program which gives you access to very advanced metrics for free (as long as you qualify for it) which you would be paying a large amount for on mixpanel.
Robins Gupta
@loic_alix_brown1 Awesome! Thank you for explaining, Measuring the impact of marketing campaigns is something we were also trying to do with our email campaigns but could not figure out in mixpanel.
Vali Lupoaie
Same here. @ankur_khanna1 what's your LinkedIn account\? Let's connect there.
Ravi Gupta
I will divide my answers in two ways - Non Productive App - Calm App, so that I can start my day with some meditation. Productive App - Due.work, for customer tickets, team messages & todos.
aaron delatorre
usually it is my phone
Alice Rodgers
Turning off Flight mode
That would be LinkedIn / Instagram
Marek Sotak
I check my habits in Kairo - usually update water consumption, and start tracking. I am trying to avoid checking my phone or laptop before work.
Renzo Brus πŸ’»βš‘
LinkedIn, if it could be considered an app πŸ˜„
Pallavi Khanna
Instagram and Audible (love audiobooks!)
PB Josiah
Notion. It's the base for everything I do β€” personal and work.
Arpit Mathur.
Reddit πŸ˜€
David Grills
It's week 18 of the AFL season, so the AFL app, but usually it is Twitter.