How much time you spend daily on different marketing channels?

Robins Gupta
3 replies
1. How do you divide your time working or planning on each marketting channel a day like social media, newsletter, blogs? 2. How do you decide what time a day should you spend on which marketing channel?


Anton Ross
Previously, I spent very little time on marketing, but now I try to spend more than 50% of my working time on it
Anupama Panchal
I do it mostly during weekend and occasionally on weekdays. In weekdays around half an hour and in weekends around 3-4 hours.
Isabel Nyo
I spend about 30 - 40%. I read that one should spend at least 50% on marketing. Most of my marketing is around content marketing, and sometimes the creation time takes a large chunk of the day. As for where I market, I wrote about it here: