How to find article writers for SEO promotion?

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It is highly important to make your website visible by improving its organic search indicators. Now I'm looking for good SEO writers who can write articles and publish them on well-ranked websites. How is it better to organize my searches? Maybe you could also recommend some dedicated websites or tech writers you know?


Ofrates Siringan
Hello there, I'm an IT Hunter and/or Innovator at heart, as well as a project maker on occasion. Hunters on Product Hunt were, in my opinion, the site's early adopters. They were assigned the task of "hunting" for a product and presenting it to the rest of the community. Makers are those who create items that have been sought. When a maker's product is hunted, they are confirmed and given a maker's achievement and/or recognition.
Saqib Ali
I think the right platform for this search would be LinkedIn. There are many willing writers available there.
Iya Mendoza
Hi Daria, before becoming an SEO Specialist, I was an SEO Copy- and Content Writer. We have a community of writers in different social media platforms, mainly on Facebook groups. From there, you can post and wait for active writers to work with you at a given rate you're willing to work with. At the same time, platforms like LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr, and even local sites like Onlinejobs has one of the best writers you can ever find! Let me know if you need help in finding one. I'd be more than willing to help. :)
@iyamendoza01 Wow, great! Thank you a lot for help!
Zoe Tan
Hey Daria, my team at LinkGraph provides SEO writing services. If you're interested, feel free to get in touch! :)
@zoe_tan It looks great! Thanks for sharing!
Maxwell Davis
Hey @roberto_robles do you have any sites you might recommend?
Jeremy Moser
@maxwellcdavis @roberto_robles Appreciate the shoutout Roberto!! Daria, would love to chat more.
Samira Akhlaqi
Think of it this way. Understands grammar, structure and spelling. Knows how to work with your SEO expert. Writes for people first and search engines second. Understands your audience. Knows the do's and don'ts of SEO writing. Costs money. Writes clearly and succinctly. Walgreenslistens
@samira_akhlaqi Thank you a lot for these tips!
Jaakko Hyttinen
Hey Daria. I have used Fiverr and Upwork with great results. Just pick up a writer with good recommendations (and lots of orders) and usually, you can not go wrong. In my opinion, one of the best things about Fiverr/Upwork is the flexibility and delivery times for the writers. If you do the same project through LinkedIn I have found it much more time consuming even though the results are pretty much the same. Also, the prices on Fiverr writers are usually quite cheaper. Hopefully this helps a bit on your journey. :)
@jaakko_hyttinen Thank you a lot for sharing! I will try Feverr and Upwork for sure as I also think that LinkedIn is quite complicated for this kind of search!
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Claude Pate
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Josh Shipp
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