How to build a software product without any coding knowledge?

Divya Rajendran
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Hey folks! What are the possibilities and opportunities to create micro saas? I just wanted to create my first ever product and I don't have any coding experience but have marketing knowledge. Your suggestions will help me with this. Thanks!


Manoj Ranaweera
Hi Divya We have over 500+ volunteers including software developers ready to help you free of charge. - 62 #Javascript developers - 21 #React developers - 25 #PHP developers - 5 #Angular developers - 12 #Docker - 4 #kubernetes - 22 #NoCoding apps - 40 #Python We charge a small fee to operate You can tap into an unlimited global talent pool from 36 countries including #UK, #USA, #India, #SriLanka, #Uganda, #Nigeria and many more. Whilst nocoding is sexy, you can get far by actually building a decent product using free talent from SkilledUp Life.
Hire a dev :) and finance it with your 9-5 job. Go on twitter and look for all those "build in public" indiedevs - that will guide the way
Rowe Morehouse
Learn: + Google Sheets + Google AppSheet There is a lot of training out there, and a large ecosystem as well.
Divya Rajendran
@rowemore Thank u so much, can u please suggest some cmmunities to follow as a aspiring learners like me? I have already presented in indiehackers..
Adrian Topka
You can also use no-code tools. For saas you could use Webflow or Bubble + Airtable + Zapier + Memberstack
Divya Rajendran
@adrian_topka What do you think about makerpad? Is that easy to try?
Abhinav Unnam
If you are non tech founder looking for tech tools or projects to work on. You might want to give this a read: Finding a tech co-founder is hard and pre-assumed to be the first step in the process of building a startup/project when in reality, it comes way down the order. Always deliver more than expected Larry Page Having done dozens of side projects and collaborated with multiple non-tech and tech (web development in this context). I have come to an understanding of what building a tech project is and is not. Every firm today is a tech and data-driven firm. This goes without saying in today’s world. Despite the ubiquitous nature of tech, it’s weird that non-techies find it hard to reach out to tech folks and make things work. Read more here: