How to become a hunter on Product Hunt? :)

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Hi humans! I would need some tips and explanations about hunters. :) How can I become one? Do I need a certain number of followers? How does PH algorithm work? What is the main purpose of hunters on PH? I would be veeery grateful to get some tips from you! ^_^


Follow! Would love to understand this too! Good question
Frank Eno
Hi Maria, based on my experience, you can ask anybody to hunt their product, usually via Twitter DMs, no need to have a specific number of followers. I don't know so much about the PH algorithm, anyway when you post a product, its position goes up depending on the votes and interactions it gets on Launch day. Hope it helps a little ;)
@frankeno Thanks a lot Frank! ^_^ This is indeed very helpful! For instance - now I know I need to re-activate my Twitter profile :D ^_^
Fabian Maume
So anybody can hunt a product. All product hunt followers of the hunter will get a notification about the launch. That is the main reason to use a hunter. Hunter usually also shares their launch on other social platforms, so you can be a good hunter without product hunt followers if you have a nice follower base on other social media like LinkedIn or Twitter.
@fabian_maume Great! This is very valuable explanation, and now I have much clearer image of how it's working / what's the point.. Thanks a lot Fabian! ^_^ So, basically, if I want to become a hunter, or if I want to have hunters for my product - I must contact makers / hunters via other platforms and ask them for it, right?
Thanks for asking the question - something I was also interested to know!
@maxwellcdavis You are very welcome! I hope these answers will be useful for you as well! ^_^
Sini Katariina
I try to collect points with first upvoting products and comment to them, trying to catch upvotes to your comments and discussions
@sini_katariina Have a luck in the process! I have no doubt you will discover many great products and comments that will give you amazing insights! ^_^ I must tell that PH is for me the most inspiring network! ^_^
Beau H. Hwang
Good post! So Humans! let's follow and support each other!
Teddy Atkins
Appreciate you asking the question! Taking notes! 📝