An Introductory Session :)

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Hello Hunters! Hello Makers! 😊 As I am new here, and I would like to meet the platform and the crew better - I have come up with this idea to start a discussion where anyone who want can introduce themselves, so we can meet each other and each other’s interests better, and we can boost a better connection! 😊 What do you think? If you like this idea, please feel free to say something about yourself and your projects below in comments, I would be happy to get to know you! 😊 For the beginning – I am Maria. Marketing manager at Sealit. I am interested in tech, artificial intelligence, cyber security, developer tools, and of course – marketing! I can’t wait to share my projects and experience with you, as well as to discover your great products and ideas! 😊


Victor David
Hi Maria, I'm rather new here myself and have discovered that the conversations are pretty awesome. I'm into tech stuff and music and growing some fruits and whatnot in my garden. Not going to plug the service I'm working on this time around; done my share lately and it's not hard to find if anyone is so inclined. Just wanted to say hi and welcome. Good place and people here.
@codemongo Hello Victor! Nice to meet you! Thank you a lot for the answer, and for the welcome! I would like to use an opportunity to welcome you on this platform as well! I hope you will have a nice time and that you will discover many interesting projects, and connect with many great people! Kindest regards! 😊
Atul Ghorpade
Hello Maria, welcome to PH! Myself Atul and I am from India. Currently doing freelance SEO. :)
@atulghorpade Hello Atul! Thanks! And thank you very much for introducing yourself! Kindest regards! 😊
Bertha Kgokong
Hi Maria, nice to meet you. I think its a great idea. I am Bertha, I am a developer programmer, completely self taught from scratch, I love building amazing products for my own personal use and commercial releases. I also teach online courses, when I get a chance on Youtube for free ---- sort of giving back what I got, I learned programming online, so I know its possible to teach others too.
Igar Volan
@berthakgokong it is amazing. To "give back" knowledge!
@berthakgokong Hi Bertha! Nice to meet you too! 😊 Thank you, and thanks for introducing yourself! I must say – what you are doing is great! I consider sharing of knowledge and experience as a greatest gift! Also, people who knows how to do it, and who are doing it selfishly, right from hearts – are the lights of the society! Bravo, and thanks for doing what you do! 😊 I hope you will discover an awesome products and people here, I hope it will inspire you in further creations, and that you will have an awesome exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences! Kindest regards! 😊
Donia Ahmed
Hi maria, hope you enjoy it here. I'm Donia from community coordinator at Premast . I'am kinda new here too and new to the tech. industry. It's really nice to know you
@donia_ahmed Hi Donia! Nice to meet you too! 😊 Thank you for introducing yourself, and also – welcome in the Product Hunt crew! I hope you will gather great experience here, meet awesome makers and hunters, and expand your knowledge and the source of inspirations! Kindest regards! 😊
Justine Peterson
Hi Maria, I am Justine. A Business Developer at Getpaid.Africa. I am also new here, my interests are in Blockchain, Data Science, NFT, Community building, and of course connecting Africa to global opportunities in tech
@justinelim Hi Justine! Thank you for answering and introducing yourself! It is nice to meet you! 😊 Also – welcome at this awesome platform! I hope you will have great adventures and that you will meet great creators! It is so nice vision for connection from your side! ^_^ I am whishing you luck in the process, and I hope it will be successful and full of great experiences! Kindest regards! 😊
Farhan Kabir
Hey! THis is Farhan! Nice to e-meet yoU!
@farhan_kabir Hi Fahran! Nice to meet you too! Thanks for the answer and introduction! 😊 Kindest regards!
Mouna Selmi
Hey this is Mouna! Nice to meet you Maria :)
@mouna_selmi Hi Mouna! Nice to meet you too! Thanks for the answer and thank you for introducing yourself! 😊 Kindest regards! 😊