How do you think travel is going to shape up post-pandemic?

Arjay Osma
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I'm genuinely curious about what you guys think about traveling and tourism in general post-pandemic. - How do you see yourself traveling in a post-pandemic world? - How is tech going to be beneficial in the new normal world? I'd like to know what you think are the tools that you're going to need, requirements, etc. Thank you!


Aaron O'Leary
I think for the immediate future, I can imagine that vaccines will be necessary and when travel does open again face masks will be a permanent feature on airplanes at least for the forceable future. I don't think tourism will return to the pre pandemic boom for a few years at the least either as people and countries deal with their collective trauma from this
Arjay Osma
@aaronoleary couldn't agree more. I believe that PPE (personal protective equipment), such as mentioned, is going to be very essential. Local tourism will be one of the first to bounce back IMHO.
Michael Ventures
@aaronoleary I also agree 100% with this. Travel destination can't afford to have any outbreaks or to be known as a hotspot, since a lot of these travel destination have smaller population with sometimes inadequate medical facilities it will be a utter disaster. So i can see vaccination will be norm to travel and PPE gears will be necessities. I know in the bahamas they are still requiring you to have a mandatory 3 day negative testing before traveling plus a mandatory 1-2 isolation while visiting. The sad thing is tourism is the economic backbone for many of these travel destination. So i will be expecting stricter protocol on vaccines, testing and ppe gear.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
Hi there, I love traveling. I think that tourism will transition to a more sustainable approach. More people are looking for great experiences in their region to help local businesses to survive. I agree with Aaron, we will probably keep masks and covid tests to travel internationally. I think that the next step for the tech industry is to develop apps that include eco touristic activities, they are trending right now.
Arjay Osma
@cica_laure_mbappe awesome insights! May I know some of these eco-tourism activities incorporated in apps? This is the way I see it as well. No international travels in the immediate future. If there are, then it'll most probably be within continents/regions or neighboring countries. Local activities will help the industry transition and prepare travelers to go cross-borders for "pleisure".
James Quinn
I see myself travelling more within my own country for a little while - at least until vaccinations are more accessible and COVID trends are on the decline. Tech that helps people feel safe about being in locations they are unfamiliar with will definitely be a big trend!
Who knows what's gonna be tomorrow, but UK already considering vaccination passports,- might be you will not be able to travel in EU without it. All my friends including myself waiting for pandemic to be over ASAP. Yeah all these video calls and chats are great. However, haven't seen my family for two years already. :\
Arjay Osma
@moneyroad I see. Thank you! I'm learning something. This pandemic sucks, but let's hope that things will get better anytime soon. Virtual interactions can make do for now. Hope you get to meet your family soon!
The past year a lot of people have adopted the habit of traveling local, supporting local etc. Based on that I'd say that travel will be more within a country than across country. Of course that does not apply to people who live in border regions (at least within Europe). Another thing that might happen is that people travel slower. Not 2 weeks holidays, but 4 weeks holidays + work. Fewer holidays, fewer destination, but then longer stay. As you have to read up on the restriction in every country, the time investment is higher. Maybe we would also see more traveling where you have less contact with strangers. Less airplanes and bus, but more car, campervans, boats. Potentially also trains will change from the coach layout to "group cabins" like you have on older German trains (or in Morocco).
David Barneda
It will eventually bounce back...with new safety regulations in place
Tristan Pollock
2 words: TRAVEL REVENGE. We are already seeing a complete bounce back in places like Singapore, Dubai, and Rome. As soon as the word reopens, even mostly reopens (probably sometime this year), it's going to explode. One of my key travel tech indicators is the company Headout and the signs are good. I'm so bullish I'm investing in their next round. Not only will I be back at it, but the world will be ready to spend their pent up energy. Just some thoughts ;)
Arjay Osma
@pollock This is an exciting tech! I am with you on this. 📈 We are also cooking up a more localized trip planning and social platform (also validating for now if there's something we can work around the space). As we have been doing customer development activities, we're learning a lot about how people are going to travel post-pandemic. People have this urge to travel again during and post-pandemic, it is really really high right now. Cautious, but high.
Alexa Vovchenko
At first people will avoid going abroad because of injections, limitations and so on. I think after all the story ends up, the industry will boom (everyone who's sitting at home will get back to moving around). Probably the key game players in economy will change, local entrepreneurs might take over. The whole concept of travels might also change (like eco-tourism was mentioned here in the thread). And yes, less people will go to China.
Arjay Osma
@aleksandra_vovchenko love your inputs. Based on our interviews, people are hesitant about traveling cross-borders (more travel restrictions and policies in place). We're hoping and we're being optimistic about how things will change eventually in the future. 🙌
Jaskiran Kaur
Post Pandemic , I think everyone will be a little more conscious with cleanliness and will continue using sanitizers , wet wipes ,etc for public places. Although we should be more careful about these things now and as we have seen complete lockdown and mortality rate in many countries and also it takes a lot of time to make vaccine and cure for the viruses.
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