We're having a joust with misinformation and fake news

Arjay Osma
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Hi everyone! Our submission for this maker's festival - FakePatrol. We created this platform to crowdsource the validation of fake news. https://fakepatrol.app FakePatrol - Containing Fake News Together We developed this tool as a way to contribute to the current pandemic where different kinds of news, information, posts, and articles are spreading across different mediums or channels. The motivation for this is the prevalent widespread misinformation in our country. The process is for users to submit the URL of news, articles, or posts for validation. Once submitted, it will be listed under unverified news where people can vote if they think the news is LEGIT or FAKE. If our team gets notified of any hot-topics or trending articles, we will help verify the submission. Users can also discuss the submitted articles. There are existing fact-checking entities, but we wanted to pave a way for everyone to contribute with just a click of a button. We believe that getting everyone involved would help create a safe space for the majority. The pros of crowdsourcing can outweigh the cons it entails. We still have a long way to go for the app/platform. Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.
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