How do you measure customer satisfaction on your product?

Vikram Sahu ꩜
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Any product, technique, or growth hack that you use to measure how happy your customers are? ( except reviews )


Simon Blok
I use a feedback tool (I use Appzi) where users can easy/quick give there opinion, tips, etc... key is to make it as easy and quick as possible to give your feedback. Curious if there are other experiences on this topic!
Vikram Sahu ꩜
@simonblok thanks for sharing. Glad that Appzi minimizes the efforts of customer while giving feedback. I will surely give it a try. Also yes this is very small topic but vital for growth of product. waiting for more suggestions.
Cezary Dobrowolski
Live chat, automated e-mails asking for feedback. We also ask them about their feedback on the calls (B2B sector).
Vikram Sahu ꩜
@wekh +1 for live chat and calls but I think automated e-mails are bit burden user and client both because one need to build those emails in such a way that is should not look like an Robo e-mail and client should not get frustrated or mark as spam while receiving those emails! 😃
Brittany Fuller
The North Star Metric is a helpful framework to measure product success, ie identifying one metric that represents overall success along with 3-5 supporting metrics. For example, if you were a customer loyalty points program you might have a north star of "point redemption" as a north star metric. This is a great metric because it represents success with your merchants (they're active) and success with end consumers (they're earning and spending). In order to measure point redemption you would need (a) merchants using your rewards program (b) end users earning points and (c) end users returning / engaging through points program. Satisfaction can be sorta nebulous. Success is indicative of satisfaction and much easier to grapple with from a scientific perspective. That's not to say you shouldn't talk to your customers about their feelings, but I'd take a good success framework over satisfaction ratings any day!
Vikram Sahu ꩜
@bamariefuller Thanks for the amazing input. I Loved the way you explained how actually the framework will work and one can take advantage of such a program. 😇 I will surely try for my product !GradeMyEmail.
Fredo Tan
Regularly measure NPS would be a good one.
Hugo P.
We are chatting a lot with them on our live chat! It's not a strong and countable KPI but it's a good indicator 😉
Vikram Sahu ꩜
@hugo_pochet1 yeah we do have a live chat but as you mentioned it is not that impactful maybe you need to analyze and then wait for results.
Izuorah Dubem
While I would have said email, it's better to capture them after live chat, most customers are willing to go the extra mile after you have solved their problem
Welly Mulia
If you searched for this in Google, there are tons of blog posts and articles that come up. Many are good. IMHO the ultimate measurement of whether customers are satisfied with our product is they willingly recommend it to other people without getting compensated whatsoever.
Vikram Sahu ꩜
@welly_mulia Agree. Though there are tons of post/video, product still struggle to work on customer satisfaction. Instead of fixing the customers pain point they often work on new feature which becomes more complex with the previous issue.
Daria Rokutova
We track customer satisfaction with a NPS tool by Beamer 2.0. It allows you to conduct up to 500 surveys per a month for free ✨
Cica-Laure Mbappé
Hi! 👋 At we use Intercom. Chat, Product tours, and an onboarding email series. Then after a 14-day trial, we send a follow-up email for complete feedback. It's challenging to find the right way to get feedback because we don't want to spam our users.
Nataly Tykhonova
@cica_laure_mbappe can you share a little bit more information about product tour and onboarding emails? Maybe you have something in blog? This is what we are looking for our product and if it works for you- this should work?
Cica-Laure Mbappé
@nataly_tykhonova1 yes, it works for us! We have a good interaction rate. We created product tours for each feature and we share tips by email to improve their experience. Our users use the chat if anything happens. Have a look at ( I think PH also uses it).
Marty Scottsdale
One of the more overseen ways of doing it, is simply seeing the sales volume vs. the amount of complaints/returns of said product, but this often only works on products with a rather large sales volume. For niche products, i guess a way could be to directly engage with your customers, maybe add an option of a small questionaire in a newsletter or something.
Justin Buchanan
I feel like I'm on crazy pills on this, but I'm really not a big fan of tracking NPS. We definitely always want positive engagement, promoters, and + conversions, but I just don't think NPS is the right metric. Am I alone here? Other good metrics to get at this that's not NPS?
Julio imazio
Several frameworks out there to approach the question. Depending on the product, I'd go for user engagement (DAU/MAU) and Churn Rate. There are multiple scenarios were that would not be the right answer though. As far as you are consistent and have an structured approach, you'll be fine. You can use our tool (cof, cof) to: a) identify your churn rate, b) survey your users in their way out (put a number to the reasons your customers are leaving) and c) reduce your churn with smart incentives. Always happy to chat about customer satisfaction and happy customers! Feel free to reach out, okay? :P
Gary Archie
a little questioner after the communication, but activity is quite low as it is when you are asking the feedback directly on the phone
Sebastian Potcher
Simple NPS tracking with SatisMeter widget.
Ana Bibikova
Is the question metrics-related or tools-related? The metrics are straightforward: CSAT, NPS and CES. Then, if you know what specifically you want to measure, you choose a technique and a tool to implement it. On this level I guess it comes down to budget, team size, product type and customer's profile. For instance, if I'm a startup building a software for UK Defence Ministry publishing an open survey of the website will doubtfully be very efficient. Also, if I'm bootstrapping my first Team management app where I'm a developer, bis dev and a marketer, the chances I'll use on-demand contact center are pretty low. etc. My point is, there's no one size fits all option.
George Georgallides
Retention and referrals (NPS). But when you’re early, don’t worry about survey tools. Just have one on one conversations with your users. If they’re willing to talk to you on a 15-min call do it.
Pian Istien
Monitor churn rate but that is a lag indicator infortunatly.
Tasos Valtinos
Retention of course. However, I would not call it "happy" I would call it triggered, or seeing the value in the product. Also, as our app is Questions/Answers matching for entrepreneurs, we track the ration between the new comers and the ones who actually ask questions that help us understand if customers find the product friendly to use.
Ishwar Jha
For me, the real test of customer satisfaction goes beyond using the feedback tools. It is the moment when your customer takes out her wallet and handovers the cash to you with smile on her face. It is when your customer shows the gratitude about how your product help them. It is going beyond your call of duty to help your customer achieve their goals with ease.
fei ma
We communicate via email to confirm whether the customer is satisfied with our service
Gary Archie
@fei_ma1 How is the activity using the email?