What is more important to you for your product ?

Vikram Sahu ๊ฉœ
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There are many different types of products with different goals one of the common goals is obviously business but few prefer customer satisfaction over the business. What do you prefer and why? I would love to hear here ๐Ÿ”ฅ


Greg Ludvickson
I prefer customer satisfaction. And this is coming from someone who's made a career in sales. The best outcome isn't a huge deal in Q1 that doesn't fit the customer's needs -- it's understanding your customer enough to make them happy. If that means it's a smaller upfront price, then that's fine, so long as you can get your customer to come back. 50k in Q1, without customer retention, isn't as good as 25k in Q1, 25k in Q2, 30k in Q3, etc over years.
Hwei Oh
User experience and customer satisfaction are so important for us - we use a product-led approach, so ensuring that every developer that uses our platform can onboard quickly, get started with minimal hassle and experience the value straight away is what we're focusing on. They get started for free, no sales calls and if they need any help, they'll get directed to one of our engineers.
Pieter Limburg
You might want to consider one more thing, I would say user stats are even more important. People can pay for it, but if they don't get any value from it, the customer will be a leaving you at some point.
As Pieter said above, the most important component of your product should be the value it provides. Ever since I started working on Yizy I have been anxious of whether it will actually provide value to its users, designers(web, graphic...etc.).
Sugandh Sharma
We focus on value-addition through quick optimal solutions for the customers. From my experience, if you nail this part, everything else follows automatically. We have so many clients who have done business almost 10 times of their initial LTV estimate with our company because they get their requirements and issues resolved faster. And they come back with more requirements. We also follow up with them with surveys and feedback forms to see how satisfied they are with the solution and collect their feedback to incorporate it into our process. It provides customer loyalty, satisfaction, brand value, retention, and of course, revenue. You can use tools like Qualaroo to create surveys to collect feedback. Another benefit of the solution-based approach is that we can release some of the standard customization and feature requests with future product updates for other customers, improving the product.