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Matt Pliszka
  • Matt Pliszka
    Matt PliszkaCEO & co-founder @

    Simple, easy to install, effective NPS measuring, increasing number of integrations, good value-for money


    Could offer some more extensive feedback, other then NPS, customization could be a little bit more advanced

    Really like the product, it's quite simple to set-up, focuses on effective NPS measurement.

    Matt Pliszka has used this product for one week.
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Jakub Sedlacek
Jakub SedlacekMaker@jsedlacek · Founder, SatisMeter
Hi Product Hunters, I'm founder of SatisMeter. We're excited @guillaumecabane posted us here. We've been working on SatisMeter for the past year to help users (aiming at SaaS) get more useful feedback straight from their web apps and use that feedback to make their products better and more loved. I will be around all day so feel free to ask me anything! PS: We are offering a 50% discount to Product Hunt community on any plan for the whole year.
guillaume cabane
guillaume cabane@guillaumecabane · VP Growth @Segment
Thanks for posting @solenema! Fantastic tool. We've been using it at for 3 months for our NPS growth hack. @jsedlacek is the maker, and a fantastic guy. I'm sure he'll be happy to join in to answer questions.
Alia Lamaadar
Alia Lamaadar@mostlyalia · Zookeeper, Tapir
Such a weird colour scheme...and I *really* like it :)
Jakub Sedlacek
Jakub SedlacekMaker@jsedlacek · Founder, SatisMeter
@mostlyalia Glad you like it, we tried to be different :)
Ondrej Sedlacek
Ondrej SedlacekMaker@ondrejsedlacek
Hi Product Hunters, Ondrej from SatisMeter here. I'd add that you can send gathered customer feedback to customer analytics service you already use for further processing, customize SatisMeter survey to comply with your design, email surveys to users that don'l answer via the widget, and one killer feature for international services: ask every user in their own language. Hope you like it.
Matt Pliszka
Matt Pliszka@matt_pliszka · CEO & co-founder @
SatisMeter is one of the products we've been testing at picksaas and it's really well-designed to collect NPS, it's easy to set up and use, which is quite important for an average user. Happy to recommend it to anybody looking for a solid, user-friendly NPS measurement app.